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Ruin Servers!
IRC:               irc.ruin.cc (6667)
Minecraft:     mc.ruin.cc

Ruin's servers are hosted professionally with high uptime. Our primary server operates with 24GB of RAM, a high-end CPU, a solid-state HDD, and a 100mbit internet connection.
Ruin also operates redundant servers in multiple geographical locations, including Germany, the USA, Canada, and Australia.
Ruin Community

Ruin is currently taking a break from the Minecraft world.

You may still use the website, and chat with us on IRC or Ventrilo.

- The Ruin Community Staff
News and Feed

So this is what is going to need to happen if I am going to continue paying monthly for the server. I am going to need people besides me to step up and talk to me to help out with the server. I am very busy atm and did not realize the work we need to do to get ruin back up and running. If I am going to continue paying for this, this is what I want.

1. Advertising - I need this server to have more then 2 people on at a time.
2. Donations - I cannot pay for this by myself, we already added perks for donators such as smoke, hats and pets. I had the idea of getting a 5$ a month donator rank (sponsor)
3. People - I need people to play on the server not just for 4 min, but longer, which means we need more people on more of the time so we can all hang out.
4. Staff - If we do start getting people on, I want staff to control everything, and make sure things are running smoothly.

NOTE: If you are currently VIP or below and want to score points with me or ray, help out and MAYBE a promotion would be in order.

IF the server does not show signs of growth at any time or people are not willing to step up, I will stop the server. I dont want to but I will not pay for a dead server.

Message me here or on skype @ john.headley4 If you want to help out with anything listed above.

[MC M] Shan236 how much does it cost to keep the server running monthly?
[A] Plateau a I dont want money. I want a steady income from monthy donations
[A] Plateau   published Ruin 2.0 - Work to be done. on News
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Nandos is Illuminati
A bit of something new in this video, I hope you liked it!! ...
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No One will find it >:sick:
I have hiden my First Night Safe House Safe :sick: :sick: :sick:
We should all get on at one time, to kind of jump start the servers
aand im back to EnderBoyJLK XD
i missed the party again siiiiiiiiighhhhhhh
also i fell in a hole on the server and cant get out xD where is life alert when you need it
guis js, i changed my mc name to KerrAgeous :3
If anyone wants to be on when I am, get on at 8pm EST. Hopefully we can have more then 2 players online.
yea, idk how long tho
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