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Ruin Servers!
IRC:               irc.ruin.cc (6667)
Minecraft:     mc.ruin.cc

Ruin's servers are hosted professionally with high uptime. Our primary server operates with 24GB of RAM, a high-end CPU, a solid-state HDD, and a 100mbit internet connection.
Ruin also operates redundant servers in multiple geographical locations, including Germany, the USA, Canada, and Australia.
Ruin Community

Ruin is currently taking a break from the Minecraft world.

You may still use the website, and chat with us on IRC or Ventrilo.

- The Ruin Community Staff
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Ruin IRC

[A] Jitaki a posted Oct 9, 14
Our WebChat / IRC is working again,

If you wish to connect and see if anyone is around, feel free to click the IRC link at the top of the page.

(Ruin's IRC network is gone, however we have connected to ir-chat)

Ray = Jitaki = Glitch

Where's Ruin?

[A] Jitaki a posted Aug 2, 14
Ruin is offline.

Ruin has unfortunately, not been "self sustaining" for one full year.  (August of 2013 was the last time donations paid our service bills in full).  Since last August, a few individuals have been personally supporting Ruin.  And, we all thank you.

However, due to the duration (1 year), in which we have not received sustaining donations, we have decided it's time to let it go.  The cost for an individual person each month is too great, and we cannot ask for this to continue.

We had a great run, and I want to thank everyone who participated over the last 4 years.  Thank you for making Ruin a great place to hang out!

The website and Vent will still be here for a while yet.

- Ray (Jitaki)
TheUltraBulba Very sad to see this server go. I remember a few years back, finding it by pure luck because some guy on xat (Like, who ...
[VIP] OblivionCreator It's been a good run, ruin! Sure, many people may not know me or even hate me but I spent 2 years on ruin and they were ...
[VIP] tobbissen Ruin was a great Place to be. I met New wonderful People. When i first joined the server for about 2 years ago i underst ...
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HEY guys ive just started a youtube gameplay channel so please check it out:[link]
It's sad to see this server go. I blinked and it was gone. ...It was a year long blink, but still.
... It's hard not to be sad. This server did so much for me, and I won't ever forget it :'(
i really miss this server-r.i.p ruin- :'(
i wish i could be staff there!!! whats the ip?!
server ip of mine is... this [link]
Hey guys! Turner Art and i started a new minecraft server to we could keep playin with the ruin people! Plees join us at atv.rocks !!!! We r waiting :sick:
Ruin may no longer have Minecraft (or IRC), but we still have Vent, and are active in retail WoW!
RIP <3 y'all, cant say I didn't see this coming.
R.I.P Ruin Community, we had a good run, but everything good ends eventually...
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